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Unstoppable on a Trike

A disabled person can comfortably get into a trike and enjoy a tour of our beautiful landscapes just like anyone else. In fact, I would say that on a trike, they are unstoppable! They can now go places!

A trike is a really friendly vehicle when you think about it. Even the very look of it - it is so open, welcoming and gives the sensation of being rock solid and safe. It is a very accommodating vehicle in fact. It can cater to the needs of all passengers, including those with a disability. It does not have tight enclosed spaces that may make it tricky for a disabled person to manoeuvre into. I like to see my trikes as a big friendly brother with strong, open arms ready to receive someone. A disabled person can comfortably get into a trike and enjoy a tour of our beautiful landscapes just like anyone else. In fact, I would say that on a trike, they are unstoppable! They can really go places!

I have had disabled passengers and their carers join our tours and I get so much out of touring with them. One of them was Raechel Walsh who went on a tour with her client who is visually impaired. We had a whale of a time together and as the tour went on, we were all just a couple of excited kids out on an excursion on our trusty trikes, experiencing the magnificent landscapes with all our senses, sharing stories and laughing so much together.

Had an awesome time out and about with Gray. He went above & beyond to cater for myself and my client who is blind. The laughs and excitement made for a great adventure. 10/10 Highly recommended for any age. - Racheal Walsh

Sometimes options for tours can be limited for people with a disability and carers often have a hard time finding interesting activities to do with their clients. At Beach to Bush Trike Tours, we have in place safety measures to help disabled passengers make the most of our tours and enjoy themselves.

As an authorised tour operator, Beach to Bush Trike Tours has a duty of care to ensure the safety of our passengers. There are a few points we take into consideration respectfully with regards to disabled passengers to ensure, first and foremost, their safety, and also to enable them to enjoy their tours stress and worry free.

Situational changes may occur during a tour and while this may not mean very much for most people, intellectually impaired passengers may find it stressful and anxiety-inducing. For these passengers, it is important they are able to follow instructions for their safety and be able to control their behaviours. The rider needs full concentration to control the trike and ensure the safety of everyone. It is highly recommended to have a carer or guardian travel with these passengers to help them feel safe and who knows them well enough to help them adjust to any situation that may occur.

If a passenger with a physical disability can sit up unaided, we will also check that the weight of the helmet is not going to be a source of discomfort for them. Sufficient neck muscle strength is required to hold up the weight of the helmet, which is obligatory for their safety. Another point to note is sudden braking and turning a corner are rather strong movements. We need to consider if this may cause discomfort or stress to the disabled passenger.

When a visually or hearing impaired passenger rides with us, we require them to have a support person on the trike to help with the communication (especially about the safety instructions) and maximise the enjoyment of the tour.

While we may constantly be harping on all the beautiful things there are to see in Port Macquarie, Wauchope, Beechwood and North Brother, these places actually offer a feast for one's other senses, which we often neglect. Engage your senses and you will find these tours so much more enriching. Close your eyes and you will know you are at Port Macquarie - the smell of salt in the air, the calming, gentle crashing of the waves. And the sounds of the seagulls! Oh, and wait till you get to the Bushland Wonderland of Smells! The animals, the plants and vegetation all have their own distinct 'perfume'. And if you go really high up towards the mountains, the texture of the air and the wind begins to change and you can feel it on your skin. Our visually or hearing impaired passengers have so much to teach us about engaging our other senses. I know I experience these places (which I think I know so well!) differently and more profoundly when I speak to them. They show me a whole new side to these places I would otherwise not have noticed.

There is so much about my beautiful homeland that I love to share with people. And I value how a simple trike can enable people to go to so many amazing places. If you are planning to take a friend or family member on a trike tour and you are concerned about how we can manage this person's disability, talk to us! We have many options that could work for you, and our Design Your Own Trike Adventure is a flexible option for disabled passengers if the conditions of our other tours are not suitable.

Australia's nature is very welcoming and available for everyone to enjoy. I hope to see more disabled passengers and their friends and families join us to share each other's stories and experience Australia's beauty together.

I am fortunate to be able to go places and explore the rich landscapes of Australia. Ever since I decided in late 2018 this was what I wanted to do, I have been enjoying every single journey I make on my trike with local and international visitors, taking them to smell the invigorating salty sea air of coastal Port Macquarie, experiencing the rich wildness of Wauchope and Beechwood or being awed by the vastness of North Brother.

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