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Gray Connelly




The only trike tour in Port Macquarie

I'm Gray, and I am your joyful guide of the only trike tour in my beautiful hometown of Port Macquarie and its surroundings. My life has become so wonderfully enriching ever since I started sharing these amazing surroundings with visitors from all over the planet. 

Since late 2018, I have been taking local and overseas tourists around beautiful coastal Port Macquarie, venturing into the hinterlands of Wauchope, Beechwood and enjoying the breathtaking views from North Brother. 

I have been living here for nearly 20 years, and there is nothing I like more than basking in the wild nature we are blessed with in Port Macquarie. You can find me camping out on one of the many beautiful local campgrounds, spending a peaceful morning at Town Beach with a coffee in hand or looking out for whales and dolphins between the deep blue of the ocean and the vastness of the sky. 

Beach to Bush Trike Tours was born as a result of this love and the desire to share this love with other people. Whether it is rustic Wauchope that attracts you, viewing Bago Mountains from Beechwood, or going on the best scenic tour of the Hastings, I am here to share with you an extraordinary experience to engage all your senses! 

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