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Trike Your Way Through Australia

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Perhaps you have Interrailed your way through most of Europe or hot ballooned your way over Turkey, now what about triking your way through Australia?

There is still much of Australia that remains unknown to our international visitors and that is one of the reasons why I love what I do, every single day. I get to share with people, not just from Australia but from far flung locations, some of the most beautiful sights of Australia. I'm talking about the Port Macquarie-Hastings region.

Forget about the cities and explore the beautiful coastal region of Port Macquarie or the deep hinterlands of Wauchope and Beechwood, not to mention the amazing scenery one can bask in from North Brother. There is a buffet of senses waiting to be experienced.

And seeing all this on a trike is one amazing experience you can definitely have loads to talk about over a cosy family dinner this Christmas and subsequent Christmases! You may have to explain to your family and friends what a trike is to begin with! It's a lean, mean, cool vehicle with three wheels and ample, comfortable seating space. And lots of freedom around you to feel the sun on your skin and inhale the fresh air that envelopes the region.

If you are curious what a trike looks like, check out our Facebook page to see how cool it is to be running around on one of these amazing machines! Trust me, before the end of your tour you would want to know where you can buy one to take home with you :)

Triking through landscapes is a safe, reliable and leisurely way to really open up to the sights, sounds and scents of regional Australia. Every day I get to share the beauty of Australia with folks from all over, and you know what, I am still in love with the landscape, and with each tour I still discover new things and see bits I have not noticed before. I'm never ever bored at work! Right now I average about four rides a week and some weekends we even have as many as seven rides!

So book your trike tours early

Recently I was with a group of managers from Beachcomber Resort to celebrate a colleague's birthday and I also had another group from Valley Industries. I consider this another perk to my job - I love meeting new people all the time. We share so many stories as we ride through the coast and mountains, I love how it allows us to connect with one another, regardless of where we come from.

Sun sea and surf is very much associated with Australia, so you wouldn't want to miss the Beach Tour of the Port Macquarie coastline. If you are more into the smells of the farm and Australian bush, we can take you on a Bush Tour from Port Macquarie to Beechwood Hotel where you may well bump into a horse or two and a couple of cows probably. Some of our visitors come from the other side of the globe, and a short tour is not enough for them to really soak up the feel of regional Australia, so I take them on a complete Beach to Bush Tour, vrooming from Hastings Beach to North Brother. With four beautiful hours to get to know Australia, visitors finish the tour in love with the stunning natural beauty of Australia.

There is also an option to Design your own Tour! A trike tour makes for a really unique gift for anniversaries, birthdays or perhaps you want a truly original way to pop the question, we have our trikes polished and ready to vroom through amazing sunsets for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Booking a trike tour is easy. You can do it on our website here, and with Christmas coming so close on our wheels, we also have gift vouchers ready if that helps with coming up with an original idea for a Christmas trip! Trike tours may be something new for you and if you want to talk to us, you can get hold of us right here.

We can't wait to share the beauty of Australia with you, there are so many stories to tell. Come live an original, authentic experience with us on our trusty trikes!

Book your trike tour now

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